On Meeting and Greeting P-Dub

Today was a good, good day!

My friend, Kari, and I have had plans for quite some time to go meet Pioneer Woman!  That day was today!  I know you all know this already (it was Kari’s first taste), I am a FREAKSHOW when it comes to celebrity anything.  I try to play it cool, but I NEED to arrive early and I need to make sure that I am toward the front of the line.

We arrived early enough to grab some coffee and then get our butts a prominent spot in line.  The wristband line, that is.  Once we had our wristbands, we could get in the actual going-to-meet-Ree line.  We were FRONT and CENTER… I’m talking like within the first 10 people in line.

So excited to meet Ree!

I don’t know why, but standing right here with not  a soul in front of me brought me great pleasure:

It brought me even more pleasure to know that I was not waiting anywhere back there.

You really can’t tell it here, but the line went on and on and on.  I am so glad for Ree that she had such an awesome turnout!  MN sure knows how to welcome our guests!

As if meeting Ree weren’t enough, there was a taping of Mall Cops going on.  I do not even have cable television so I don’t know anything about the show.  It was rather amusing to see a couple of mall security guards being followed around by a camera and mic.  They really seemed to think they were something special.

They spent much of their day hanging out with the PW crowd.  In fact, I was asked to sign a release because I ended up either on video or a photo was taken of me.  I’ll let you know if I one day end up on some reality TV mall series.  Hilarious.

The time actually went by very quickly.  It was really fun to talk to the other women near us  (as much as it may surprise you… the crowd was mostly women).  One homeschools, one was named Alaya (sounds a lot like Elena), one traveled from South Dakota, another told us about her college daughter, and yet another talked about her middle school music teaching career.

If you read another of my favorite blogs, then the woman pictured below may look familiar to you.

It’s Trish Van Pilsum!  She recently started her very own blog (you can see my paparazzi self on her post).  (Also, I don’t talk, but I sure do make a few appearances on her news story.  Go here to find it!)

And then?  Ree entered the scene!

Whimsical walk-in!

Listening to and experiencing her reception was phenomenal!  She walked in all whimsically with an amazing smile on her face and with her down-to-earth charisma.

She did some Q&A where there was non-stop photographs being taken.  It was like the blogger-obsessed paparazzi showed up at the Mall of America.  There were flashes and cheers and smiles!  Here she is:

She was adorable!  And funny!  And nervous! And she was just like you’d think she’d be if you’ve been following along on her awesome blog!  I admit to being part of the paparazzi!  I took numerous photos of her!  Wouldn’t you if there weren’t any heads in front of you?

Answering questions

This is probably about the time where she told us that her next book is going to be Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story.  She is going to add more details to part I and include a part II.  That was seriously the best news I heard all day!  After all, that was the story that got me hooked on reading her blog.  The photos, tutorials, contests and recipes were all just added bonuses.

After the Q&A, we go to say hello and get our books signed!  Woo-hoo!

I was not at all excited. Not at all.

Kari too!


Yes, it was a good, good day!  Thanks for a great time, Ree!  I truly hope you enjoyed your time in MN!  Oh!  I almost forgot!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME T-SHIRT!  You are just too much!

11 Responses

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I watched that mall cop show once on TLC and the only reason I watched it was because they were at the MOA. I will have to look for you if I ever come across that show again. :)

  2. Eek that was such an exciting day! I was in the 3rd row in the middle. Even the waiting for 4 hours wasnt bad because I met so many fantastic PW fans and bloggers! I remember you two from your picture now… I want to go back and meet her again! I think my dream would be to spend a weekend cooking in her lodge! Lol!

  3. OMG look how close you were?! Fantastic!

  4. So I am wondering what tine you got in line to get such an amazing spot? We got there at 11:15 (thinking it would be plenty early) and didn’t get our books signed until 4:15!!! Crazy- but definitely worth it!! :)

  5. I came to your blog via Ree’s post on Minnesota :)
    and I just read on your blog that Ree’s next book is Black Heels and she’s going to add a Part II…I’m sooo excited!!! woo thanks for the info!

  6. I’m so excited that she’s doing Black Heels to Tractor Wheels! It was such a great story on her blog. You got some great pics.

  7. Hey – congrats!

    She’ll be in Austin tomorrow, just in time for my birthday, and it’s my first signing. I’m a bit bummed, they said she won’t pose for any pics – that our only photo op will be during her talk and from afar.

    Oh well, I’ll happily bask in her greatness!

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